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Before sign-up Please read this FAQ section


1. What is Readers' Club?


We, Readers' Club, is a brand promoted by Banyan Tree Library Private Limited (referred to as "Library Management" hereinafter), with the vision of supporting and promoting reading habit, which is on the decline. We offer FREE delivery and pick-up at your homes, for all the books ordered through our website www.readersclub.co.in


2. What are the advantages of joining with Readers' Club?


FREE delivery and pick-up

Variety of Books to cater to everyone in your family

Order with Ease - Books just a click away

Save on Cost and Time to pick the books that you need

Beat the inflation with Readers' Club membership

Save on Shelf space at your home

Read at your pace

Updation of collections at periodical interval

Also, through our subscription you enjoy the unlimited power of reading. Reading:

Improves Concentration

Improves Mental Stamina

Improves Reasoning / Analytical Skills

Improves Creativity

Improves Longer Attention Span

Reduces Stress & Boredom

Is equal to Meditation

Books in Natural Light, away from your monitor / gadgets, betters your eye-sight and make you align with nature.


3. How do I become a Member?


Click New User Signup from our Home Page,fill out the Registration Form. You can choose the Payment Options of Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque. Cheques drawn in favour of "Banyan Tree Library Private Limited", are also accepted. On filling out the details and choosing online payment, you will be directed to Payment Gateway. On payment, you would get a Welcome Message in your registered mail id, with the User Name and Password. You can change your password post first login.


There are chances that the Welcome Message reaches the Spam folder. So, please check the Spam folder, if you can't find the mail in your Inbox.


4. Are there any Hidden Charges?


It's our endeavour to provide a transparent operation for our Members, and we mean it. There are no hidden charges, beyond the Membership Fee, Registration Fee & Non-Interest bearing Refundable Caution Deposit. But yes, if the books are damaged by Member, the cost of the book has to be reimbursed by the Member.


Those who want to order / read more number of books beyond the specified limit, can send a mail to customersupport@readersclub.co.in, post which the delivery would be arranged with a delivery cost of Rs.50/= per such additional attempt beyond the limit specified. Also, those who want to change their plans, can do so, by sending a mail to customersupport@readersclub.co.in


Any order, after two delivery attempts, if could not be completed due to non-availability of members, would be cancelled, so as to ensure that the blocked books are available for other readers. Hope members would appreciate the fact that every additional attempt for an order, is a cost to us.


5. How many books would I be eligible for & How to order?


Depending upon the Plan that you have chosen, you can order / hold such number of books, as specified.


6. How long can I keep the Book with me for Reading?


The purpose of a library environment is that valuable books are made available to many people. Still, to revive the dying habit of reading, we allow you a maximum of 15 Days. Any Books held with you beyond would be charged with a penalty as below.

  i. If Book Value is <= Rs.250, penalty at Rs.1 per day per book

 ii. If Book Value is > Rs.250 and <=Rs.350, penalty at Rs.2 per day per book

iii. If Book Value is > Rs.350. penalty at Rs.3 per day per book

Our intention is only to ensure that wonderful books with treasures of knowledge reach as many people as it can and you get maximum value for Money, by reading more number of books.


7. How do I order a book?


Once you get the user name and password, login. You can search the books of your choice, based on book name or author name. Against each book, you will get a tab as "Add to Wishlist". You can add as many favourites as you want. Post that, you can order for the books available from "My Wishlist".


8. What if I want to recommend a book, which I don't find in your collection?


You can send a mail to customersupport@readersclub.co.inwith the name of the book, author name etc. We will be consolidating such entries and update our collections.


9. When will I get delivery of books ordered?


Everyday 0600 pm would be the cut-off time to process orders. Check with us for the detailed delivery schedule for your area. please call us at 64555511 / 99621 00032.


10. How would I intimate that I have completed reading the Books?


It's just a click away. Click the tab "Arrange Pick-Up" that will display the list of books held by you with a check box. You can click on the check box of the respective book, which you have completed reading, and click on the "Pick-up" tab. We advise you to place the pick-up request and subsequent order simultaneously.


11. Whether my address is within your area limit for Delivery / Pick-up of Books?


We arrange for delivery and pick-up, if your address is within the following Map / Location within Chennai. Refer Map


12. Can I change my address for a specific order?


Yes, you can change the address through "Edit Profile" option under your login. And then place the order for books, subject to the new address being within the service area. While providing address ensure that you give nearest landmark, door number etc clearly, so that it would be easy for us to process delivery.


13. Can I take delivery of books at my office, if no one would be available at home, on a given date?


Yes you can, by changing the address as appropriate to take delivery. You need to ensure that you would make yourself available for delivery, when we reach there. Hope you would appreciate that we need to cater to lot of members across Chennai, and waiting for an order for more than 5 minutes would lead to delay in subsequent orders. Need your co-operation on this aspect.


14. What if I want to order beyond my allowable delivery attempt in a month, under my respective plan? Is it possible, and what would be the charge?


Yes, Such exceptions are allowed, and you can contact us for such extra attempts. There would be a nominal charge of Rs.50 per such attempt.


15. Can I refer my friends?


Yes. We have founded this Library with the vision of supporting and promoting reading habit, at an economical cost. Your thought of referring such a wonderful support to book lovers, is a noble one.Under your login, you have an option as "My Referral". Just click on that, and add your friend / relative's name, email id and mobile number. Alternately, you can send a mail with the details of your friends to customersupport@readersclub.co.in


16. Can I cancel my Membership?


Yes, you can. On cancellation, you would be refunded with the "Refundable Deposit" collected from you. No interest would be applicable on this Refundable Deposit collected. Before cancellation, all the books should be returned back in good condition, and no other dues should be pending. If any, that would be adjusted from the Deposit and any amount due beyond the Deposit, has to be paid by the Member.


17. What are the working day / hours?


We work from 0930 to 0630 Hrs on all working days.


We value our Member's time and understand that after a stressful week, weekends are a great relief for them. We ensure that all the deliveries and pick-ups are done during Weekdays (Monday to Friday), subject to Holidays, so that our Members enjoy their time with their Family during weekends.


Following are declared as Holidays.


Holiday DetailDateDay
Pongal / Thiruvalluvar Day16-Jan-2012Monday
Republic Day26-Jan-2012Thursday
Maha Shivrathri20-Feb-2012Monday
Good Friday06-Apr-2012Friday
Tamil New Year13-Apr-2012Friday
May Day01-May-2012Tuesday
Independence Day15-Aug-2012Wednesday
Krishna Jayanthi08-Sep-2012Saturday
Ganesh Chaturthi19-Sep-2012Wednesday
Gandhi Jayanthi02-Oct-2012Tuesday
Ayudha Pooja23-Oct-2012Tuesday

Note: Dates given above are indicative


Two weeks in a year would be observed as Holidays, as one week each, probably once during December / January and once during May / June. Members would be intimated in advance about these Holidays.


18. Are there any other Terms and Conditions?


- Members are requested to provide their Personal Email ID which they access regularly, as the primary Mail ID for contact, since this is going to be User ID for the Member.


- Ensure that you sign-up with us after having read the Complete FAQ & Terms and Conditions (T&C) section in our website.


- Your sign-up is taken as acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions of Use.


-"Banyan Tree Library Private Limited", hereinafter will be referred to as "The Company", reserves the right, with or without notice, to change the Terms and Conditions in its sole and absolute discretion.


- "Books Allowed Per Delivery" differs from plan to plan. Members should return and order the books according to the limit. For e.g. if a Member is eligible for 3 books, once he/she has done with that he can arrange for the pick-up at one lot of 3 books, instead ordering one by one.


- The Company provides our Members, the opportunity to rent books online


- Members' would be allowed for next set of orders, after having completed reading the current set of books available with them.


- "The Company" would wait for Books Order, post receipt of Pick-up Request for books read by the Member. This is to ensure that we deliver the order and pick-up back the books in the same attempt. If a Member is going out-of-station or is not interested to read for another one week and above, Member should intimate "The Company", so that the pick-up request alone is executed.


- Members' should ensure that the "Arrange Pick-Up" is done, only after having read the Books Held by them, so that Pick-ups of current books that you are holding, can be done while Delivering your next set of books. Also, keep the books to be picked handy, so that the Logistics Service Provider is provided with the books immediately.


- Annual Membership Fee would be billed at the beginning of your Subscription. Membership Fee is subject to change at the discretion of "The Company".


- No Refunds or Credits are allowed for partially used periods. Decision is solely at the discretion of "The Company"


- "The Company" reserves the right to promote or cancel any Special Offers from time-to-time, at its discretion.


- "The Company" manages it's logistics, in partnership with Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and will try to process the Orders within at the earliest, for delivery and pick-up of books. "The Company" is not liable for any delay in Delivery / Pick-up by the LSPs.


- Also, Company will not be liable for delays due to Natural Calamities like Flood, Heavy Water-logging, Earthquake, Damage in roads etc. or due to any Force Majeure reasons.


- "The Company" reserves the right to request return of any and all book(s) in the possession of Members at any time. Members understand and agree to promptly return any book(s) to "The Company" upon request, and failure to do so within seven days of the request makes Members liable for the cost of those book(s).


- Members are given the option to indicate when they are ready to return the books they have borrowed and accordingly schedule a pick up. This is a free support provided by "The Company", however, in the event that at the scheduled time of delivery/ pick-up, the customer is unavailable, and another pick-up / delivery has to be scheduled, the cost of such additional pick-up / delivery will be charged to the Member.


- "The Company" has put in it's best effort to create a catalogue of favourite books and categorized them for ease of access. The cover images & book description are procured from third party/publishers and "The Company" takes no guarantee of the accuracy of such content. You might receive a book that has a cover different from what was shown online. This is because different publishers of the same book use different cover images. Best efforts have been taken to deliver the books described on the site; the company takes no guarantee that the book will bear the exact cover produced on the site. The books are subject to availability and the presence of multiple copies of the same book from multiple publishers may result in a disparity between the cover shown on the site, and the book delivered. Despite this, the content of the book would be the same.


- All information displayed, transmitted or carried on the website of "The Company" is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.


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